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Evaluate the impact that Crediflux will have in your organization


Process Efficiency

Number of employees allocated to credit analysis

If you have a part-time employee allocated to the processo, use 0.5 for its value.


Savings with financial reports

Number of used reports per month


Reduction of credit incidents

Balance of clients with delayed payments

Estimated amount of savings


Efficiency improvement

Speed in the decision-making and answer time to the client;

Elimination of the time spent in information retrieval;

Allocation of resources to tasks of greater value.


Cost Reduction

Reduction of the number of employees related to Credit Analysis;

Automatic archive of all information used in the supporting of the decision. Acquire new financial reports only if the last one has suffered any updates.


Reduction of credit incidents

Global monitorization of your entire client's portfolio;

Periodic automatic revision of the credit limits;

Rating customization, adjusting it to the positioning of the company in the market.

The total economic impact of Crediflux

Crediflux is changing the way as companies relate with their customers, enabling an easier, quicker and flexible sales management and credit risk control, for a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional systems.




Uncollectible Debt


Financial reports consumption


Employees allocated to credit analysis

1. Reduction of the time allocated to the tasks of information retrieval, credit analysis and decision.

The return of the investment occurs in less than 6 months

It is no longer possible to wait for the return of long-term investments in a solution that does not fit the instantaneous way of the company's business.

Companies need a credit management system that allows to obtain a ROI as quickly as possible.

The clients of Crediflux can expect to recover their investment in less that six months.

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* Prediction for an organization with more than 100 users and with the full integration of internal and external information.
Profit legendEstimated medium profit
Cost legendEstimated medium cost