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Take credit risk analysis to the next level

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What if an opportunity to get a new client arises?

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Type the VAT Id number of the client in your mobile phone and the proposal is created instantaneously for decision.

Simple, quick and without errors.

In what state is the credit approval of my client

At any moment you can check the state of this or any other analysis in progresss. The information is within reach of everybody.

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In what way does the person in charge is helped in his decision-making?

Crediflux allows you to obtain a global vision of the entire information needed.

Define the weight of the variables that you value the most and adjust the exposure to risk in accordance with your preferences.

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The meeting is about to end. I want to pre-empt the competition and surprise my client.

At the distance of one click I can check that the operation is approved. Closed deal!

All approvals have a expiration date, which necessarily entails its periodic reevaluation.beacuse the risk of your client today is not the same as tomorrow.

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Is it possible to customize our credit policy?

Put your company's credit policy into practice, setting the decision-making limits for each user.

Analyze the evolution of your risk exposure.

Monitor the evolution of the median time of response, the number of analyzed request by company and by user.

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Crediflux in action for credit approval

Obtain the information you need. Always updated.